What You’re Not



I really ain’t got no complaints 

I always have food on my plate 

Always have cash in the bank

2 cars with gas in the tank

2 healthy kids and my girl is hotter than a flame 


Got rooms that I don’t even use 

Converted to closets to put all my shoes 

Don’t know why I stress when I know that I’m blessed 

So much in fact, it’s tattooed on my head 

I’ll sleep when I’m dead 


If i’m tired I work 

I’ll sleep when expired to dirt 

Everything changed on my earth 

Ever since my daughters birth 

Gods gift that reminded my worth 

Skill wrapped in a bow on a hearse 


Pacing in circles to think out the box 

Skelton key to open all the locks 

Got my mind strait 

It was tangled in knots 

I am what you’re not 


So don’t go compare 

Step in my shoes if you dare 

If you walked where I’ve walked

You would be running scared 

I overcame things ,that you couldn’t bear


I am that guy with his heart in his sleeve

No need to lie, cuz it’s all part of me 

I put my life out on there with digital ink 

When I write I erase anything that I need 

it’s ironic to me



I am what you’re not, I am what you’re not

I’m not what you thought

So what did you think, the second you saw

I am what you’re not (2X’s)


Verse 2 

This test ain’t a litmus

I’ll kill em all, leave no witness 

Best in the game, I’m olympics 

Worked it all out, to me everything’s fitness

Piecing these puzzles together my limbics…


…System is working on breaking my limits 

Pushing my mind outside boundaries I’ve been in

Felt I was trapped in one place for a minute 

Had to progress or give in to just quitting 

I’m painting my vision 


Y’all better sit back 

Grab a little snack 

While I get cinematic on ya


Load the tape in the rack

And project the image that 

Has been playing in the back of my head since I was a kid 


Let me tell ya a little background about where I lived 

Always had what I needed, never given it 

Was always told if I want it go and get it on my own 

No ones gonna go and build you your own home 


Gotta get your own brick and your own stone 

At times you’ll break down, but you’ll grow strong 

If your grip starts to slip, just hold on 


So I kept on driving till this day 

Peddles to the floor, dead rose

Switch hitter in my game, names not Pete Rose 

Cloud with a silver lining, but I wanna rain gold 

Rains coming down cold 

The beats by B-Coe