“Time Waster”



We’ll never get back all the time we wasted

Fighting all those days, we gotta face it

If I never bring it to the surface

I’ll leave in my skin, forever  burning


We gotta kill this for certain

If not, its not working, closed curtains

You’ll never fix the problem when you’re thinking its all perfect

So it never gets solved

And you keep on hurting


Its hard to feel your touch

When you’re close , it’s like you’re a ghost  

I don’t even know, what to say

Or who to blame the most


When I go into the past 

I don’t know where I should start

Pull the dagger out my back

Or the one thats in your heart?


I’ve met a lot of wolves who acted like a sheep the whole time

Then one day, I turned my back

And they took a bite


Life is too short

Keep in mind who you’re surrounded by

You’ll never get a rewind

Even if you really try



Cant get it back, get it back 

Cant get it back No no 

Can’t get it back, get it back 

Can’t get it back ,Not anyone 



You never know when your times up

But you’ll know when the time comes

Don’t wanna be a time waster

Don’t wanna be a time waster, No (repeat)



And since Im living in the past 

Don’t bother asking what Im doing tonight 

and since Im giving all i have

I won’t waste another second living your life


When all is said and done

What matters is the one who’s there by your side

Watching everyone fall off

Along the way

But there’s one who still rides


And every time I think about it

100 percent, by a landslide

Right there by my side every time 


And she will always be about it 

100 percent and thats no lie

Committed to our family till we all die


Find the one who has your back

When the world is gonna front

find the  one that you love back

Every time they comes undone


If I added up all the times Ive changed

Id be rich

But we never really cared about 

The things that made cents 






We’re wasting time every time that we fight 

Yea we’re wasting time every time we argue 

Wasted time every day every night 

When I go to bed not laying next to you 

I don’t care who is wrong who is right 

I don’t care about all the things we said that weren’t true  

Yea cuz you still love me yea 

And I still love you