I’m losing focus lately, so much 

And I’ve had enough 

They say the weight of the world can crush 

I’m not giving up 


When I’m broken down just to dust

And the winds come rush 

A billion pieces become undone



You’re my therapy, therapy, therapy  

And it’s everything, everything, everything

When I’m felling low

When I’m feeling all alone 

You always pick me up without me calling on the phone 



I know we all have problems of our own 

We don’t always addressed them right like in an envelope

We all have been the calm before the storm 

We all have been a hurricane before 


All I know is 

You’ve been with me since my younger years 

Helped me get through my wonder years 

Discovered you and found comfort there

Never left, you were always near


Guided me thru my hardest days 

I’d write it out, and you’d turn the page

Helped me get it out in every way 

From my head to the studio and the stage 


And I could never find how to express 

The relief I get when I can write it off my chest like 


Let me step back 

Let me take a breath

This release brings inner peace oh yes 





You bring the past to the present 

Only you can rewind life  

The power to make people time travel

With a familiar sound and vibe


I get out my body

When You dive in my mind  

And when Im going in

Every step I take is the explosive kind 


And I know you feel it 

Make no mistake 

When it’s shaking in your chest like an earthquake 


Getting goosebumps in every word that’s spoken 

Healing your pain when your heart is broken 

Given you strength when you’re feeling hopeless

Bringing you help when the signals smoking 


You make me look with in 

I know I’m fixing myself 

But you’re the helping hand 





At the last second you found me 

Reaching up as I was drowning 

No 911, no sirens 

I was dying in silence 


Self-inflicted no violence 

My mind isolated a riot

In yellow tape around white chalk on the blacktop it’s all quiet 


Brought back my breath like the Heimlich 

Revived my life, I was dying 

Saw the light like a diamond 

All directions love shining 


Now darkness is brightened 

Held my wrists like why am I fighting

Why is it so tempting 

To go and blow off heat 

That’s why they call it venting


You’re my therapy

and you’ve always been there for me

You’re my therapy

And you’ll always be there for me