If your building is burning 

I'll be the fire escape 

If your rooms full of smoke

And youre starting to choke 

Im the mask on your face 


If your windows are locked 

I'll be the brick thatll break it away 

You're all that I got 

To save your life 

I would race to my grave 


When the weight on your shoulders 

grows from a rock to a boulder 

I am one man but I'll stand like an army of soldiers

I'll be the gun in your holster


I'll be the shield 

That blocks every sword

I'll be the steal 

The fires will forge 


To bring you peace 

I'll will go in to war

Ain't afraid of the rain

I trained in a storm 



I'll run to your rescue 

I’ll run to your rescue 


When it all comes down 

When it starts to fall 

Like an avalanche 

I will be your wall 


I will hold you up 

Go against them all 

When it all comes down 

I'll be standing tall


I'll run to your rescue 

I’ll run to your rescue 




If you're feeling surrounded 

And the sound of your heart

pounds in your head


If your hands start to shake 

and there's sweat on your face

And you're tasting  adrenaline


When the world that's around you 

Is crashing down on you

And the grounds sinking in


I'll be the spark 

The light in the dark

Fast as a flash

I'll come runnin in 


If you're in danger 

And  your ship drifts 

I'm your anchor 

I told you I'd save ya 


There's no need to be afraid 

Sworn I was born for this 

Fighting wave after wave 


And the storm keeps on coming

I don't fear when I hear the war drumming 

It gets near

And my pulse, it starts pumping 

It's My heart ain't bleeding for nothing 




I'll set you free 

when you're locked in a cell

Ill find you heaven 

When you're lost in hell


I'm your Guardian angel

 a part of you's tangled

Got stripes from a war 

That you wear  like a bangle


Walk thru the jungle 

don't worry about trouble 

I got a force 

surround me in a bubble


I'll jump in the rumble

Im ready to kill em 

When everyone wears a mask

Who's the real villain