“Now & Then” 


Verse 1

I’d be lying if I, said that I hate you

The brain in my head can’t shake you

Had to break the link I was changed to

You’d be lying if you, said that I regret 

Anything from the second that we met

I know every minute wasn’t the best


If I’m going to be truthful 

Everything that I lost in you was useful

Cuz It made me grow up

And be a little less youthful 


And I'm trying to move on

Everything I did, that you proved wrong

I admitted, so I thought we would forget it 

But I'm guessing your forgiveness is just something that don’t come



I'd be lying if I said 

I didn't think about you

Every now and then, every now and then 

I'd be lying if I said 

I wasn't fighting with myself inside my head 

Every now & then 


Verse 2

Now looking back on

Everything we been thru, feels like I walk thru a land mine 

Flashbacks of explosions 

made me close both my eyes


Blocking every blow that you thru downward 

During an up hill battle is a long climb

But I accept the bruises 

Got used to the incline


You drew the lines to keep me boxed in 

With your X’s & O’s

I’m your third ex in a row 

Now I know That’s Tic Tac Toe 


And I’m not going to say your name 

not going to get roped into a game

Im just going to record what I wrote 

Make you swallow it and choke 

And hope I never see your face again



Now that I know you ,it’s like I don’t know you

Sounds like a lie,  but it’s so true


Should’ve closed you, like a folder 

kept ya in the left pocket

to look back when I’m older


When I’m going through boxes

of memories, that are rotten 

And faded photos of names I forgotten 


Left in a spot in the basement 

That leaves a bad taste in my mouth 

when I come around it 


Deep down now I know I don’t care 

And it’s so strange 

I’ll leave all these memories locked in my brain 

like block chain


Invisible propane 

Didn’t see the flames 

I was coming from  the pain 

Like a bloodstain


Wear a mask like a band aide 

You can cover up your scars 

But the memories won’t fade 


They’re engraved like a death date 

In a tombstone on a grave site 

Left in my right brain