“Middle Ground”



I’m thinking too much 

I’m Beginning to lose touch 

& I started moving, through my confusion with conclusion 

And got stuck 


My heads a cage

My brains a maze

I can’t escape 

What can I say  

I Didn’t see all along

I needed saved 


I played with fire for years 

Before I finally got burned 

The most important lessons  taught

I brushed off to never learn 


Some times I can’t function 

It’s like I plan, my own destruction 

With my own hands 

It’s something I can’t stand 


I’ve blocked people and been blocked 

Shocked some, & some shocked 

Neither way made the facts clearer 

Feels like I’m trapped in an episode of Black Mirror 



When everyone I matched with 

Goes up in flames like they’re matchsticks

It makes you feel like you’re the gasoline 

to anyone you sparked with 



I think I finally found 

Think I finally found 

Myself a middle ground 

Thru the ups and all the downs 


Verse 2

Inside I’m an monster 

And I don’t wanna be one 

Its like everyday I have to fight  a new demon 

Whether it’s in my head

or coming from my mouth, I’m constantly screaming

Or beating up myself for no reason


You know all my skeletons 

You know what bones to pick 

You know their names too

Hell, you share the same closet


It was easier to start then itd be for and to stop it 

but there’s no one else I’d rather get locked in this octagon with


sent a plane text 

Said I needed you to jet 

Tried to carry on in private 

You put my baggage checked 


You said if you trip

Imma fall too

Just stick to the plan

The Blue prints in glue


Everything we planned for the future we will see

Like all the plans in the past for the present came to be


If It’s true what they say

And history repeats

There’s a reason

Theres a voice in your head speaks

(You can follow your gut)