“Climb Up”



Some times I break down

And I don’t know why 

I get sick of fixing myself up 


What else am I supposed to do

Just lie down 

and die Like some ?


Feels like the walls all closing in

Then the oxygen, begins feeling thin

Hand on my lungs 

Can’t escape it’s grip

Flung to the floor

like I’m wrestling


Getting pinned to the floor 

Is a Metaphor for, all the things I go to war with 

Feels like I’m alone, and it’s storming

I wish the pain would give a warning 


Don’t ever say it’s impossible

Man, Of course it’s hard 

Anything is possible 

Elon musk sent a car to Mars 


Put your mind to it

Just grind thru it

Break thru The walls 

Knock them all down


When I think the problems solved 

Then They just evolve 

Go Give it your all 

or don’t get involved 


Focused on myself like a selfie 

Couldn’t picture anyone else helping me

When you’re going thru the hell 

It feels healthy

The grim reaper moves stealthy 


Cuz the next thing you know 

You are running for your life 

And you notice the cold breath 

on your neck 


Can’t slow down 

Gotta keep your pace 

This ain’t a race 

It’s your death 


Wanna save your self 

Gotta fight like hell 

It’s a new round, every single day 


Put your knuckles up 

And stay buckled up

It’s a long ride 

Try to stay safe 



No matter how far down I fall, I’ll climb up

No latter to be found at all, I’ll climb up

I’ll dig my fingers in the wall, I’ll climb up

No matter how far up I crawl, I’ll climb up 

I climb up (Never stay down, so i’m always getting back up)

I climb up (Never stay down, so i’m always getting back up)

I climb up (Never stay down, so i’m always getting back up)

I climb up (Never stay down, so i’m always getting back up)




Some times I hide 

And act like I’m fine 

That’s when I’m putting my mask on


Fake it for a while 

With a painted smile 

But that only lasted, 

for so long 


I’ve opened myself up to Criticism

By writing things down so honestly 

I kept the world closed out for so long 

It was hard to socialize properly 


I had a moment of clarity 

And used the hooks holding me down as a Grappling

Pulled myself back up 

To the top of the building while going against gravity 


When you’re feeling down and drowning 

It’s like climbing a mountain 

Can’t breathe, freeze up 

You’re grounded 

Like a AIR plane with no pilot