All The Monsters



They’re surrounding me,

I’m alone out here, 

while they stare at me 

All of my fears


Now I

Feel them breathing all on my neck

all the monsters deep down I kept 

One by one, yes I can hear their steps 

Crawling their way out of my skin


It’s hard to hide from what’s inside 

Tried to bury it like it died

But that’s not the case

Every day I got another one I got to face


insecurities that want me to hide, 

jealousy that wants me to fight

Vices that don’t want to try 

Voices that want me to lie 


Anger that wants me to scream 

Hopelessness that don’t want to dream

Monsters with monster claws

It’s feeling impossible now to fight them all


Now my handshake, till the bones break jaws clench till my teeth ache 

stand my ground plant my flag 

10 toes down I won’t be swayed 


knives in my back I’ve been betrayed thought my enemies been slayed

Now Ive found I’ve been played 

I beat myself at my own game



When all the monsters 

They told you about are real

Look no further 

Theyre living right inside of you 



Verse 2

Now I’m not running scared

I feel my heart in my throat 

I can see them there 

Circling like smoke


And now I see them coming from every side 

Want to live, gotta fight or die 

Knuckles cut, but the blood has dried 

But man it feels good to be alive 

Not everyone would survive 


I know the fears that keep you up at night

The haunting thoughts that goes through your mind 

The numbing thought/(VOICE) that can paralyze  

Break thru the noise, stand up and fight 


It took some guts to open up &  address it 

Drove me nuts to suppress my depression 

Sick of feeling stuck 

Had to find me an exit

I ain’t lost , I found the answer, no question